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VScan Update: Corner Betting Fraud

VScan compiles and analyzes fraudulent activities in the iGaming market. These activities are becoming increasingly common, affecting the business performance of iGaming providers. With advancements in science and technology, the sophistication of these frauds has significantly increased, exploiting vulnerabilities in betting systems for profit. In this article, VScan will provide a comprehensive overview of a specific type of fraud: Corner Betting Fraud.

1. Definition

Fraudulent betting organizations accumulate numerous accounts and then place bets on corner kicks, particularly special corner bets, to manipulate prices across multiple accounts for all tournaments.

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2. Signs of Detection:

Accounts betting on corner kicks, especially special corner bets, either in the same direction or against each other, simultaneously with multiple other fraudulent accounts, exhibiting repetitive patterns.

3. Purpose

To intervene in abnormal pricing on the system, aiming to obtain better prices than usual.

4. Example Illustration

VScan Update: Corner Betting Fraud

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After years of operation in the industry, VScan has risen to become a leading provider specializing in exclusive data analysis and risk management services. This service has significantly contributed to building the brand and solidifying VScan’s position in the iGaming market. With a wealth of data, state-of-the-art technology, and an experienced team of technicians, VScan is committed to delivering optimal quality and safety for our clients’ systems, while also significantly improving business efficiency through collaboration with us.

– Operating Mechanism of VScan

Every day, VScan conducts comprehensive system checks for clients or upon request to promptly detect accounts using betting software and engaging in fraudulent behavior.

For accounts exhibiting fraudulent behavior aimed at exploitation and system disruption, specialists conduct detailed analysis, provide visual evidence, and offer specific explanations to the clients.

– VScan Consulting Solutions

Consulting on fraudulent betting types, such as corner betting fraud, and providing solutions for clients to balance their metrics and business strategies.

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