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VScan update new type of fraudulence: MATCH BETS

VScan update new type of fraudulence: MATCH BETS

VScan synthesizes and analyzes fraudulent practices in the EGames market. becoming more and more popular, affecting the business performance of EGames suppliers.

What is EGames data analysis service of VScan

With the development of science and technology, the degree of sophistication has also increased significantly, to take advantage of the loopholes of the house systems for profit. In this article, VScan will provide the most comprehensive and overview of the fraudulent form: MATCH BETS


  • Betting both soccer ball and large, highly effective turnaround deals
  • Difficult to detect without high analytical technology and a large database.

This is a new form of fraud that appeared recently, studied, and discovered by VScan. In the market at this time, only VScan scanning system can detect this form of fraud.

VScan update new type of fraudulence: MATCH BETS



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