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VScan: Vietnamese’s Football bet

VScan: Vietnamese Football

VScan synthesizes and analyzes fraudulent behaviors in the iGaming market which becoming increasingly popular, affecting the business performance of iGaming suppliers.

With the development of science and technology, the degree of delicacy has also increased significantly, in order to take advantage of the loopholes of the banker systems for profit. In this article, VScan will provide the most overview and overview of fraudulent form: Vietnamese’s Football bet


 1. Vietnamese’s Football bet

Vietnamese’s Football bet – is the behavior of players accessing information related to matches determined to deliberately arrange the score based on a pre-existing agreement.


2. Signs to identify the Vietnamese’s Football bet

– Players have bet for a long time. When they have access to the source of information, players bet on the match with that semi-degree information (due to the higher odds of winning) and still bet on other main football matches.

– Creating new accounts and only bet on the match with that semi-degree information.


3. Example

Multiple accounts bet on on the match with that semi-degree information. The odds of this match abnormal changes

VScan - Hàng độ Việt Nam EGames

4. Conclusion on Vietnamese’s Football bet

The odds of winning in these semi-finals are not 100%. Because of:

– Incorrect information

– Personal factors such as players, not reach an agreement, …

The nature of the player in this type is no longer an ordinary player because they use sources of “negative information” to profit from bankers and distributors.


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Over 9 years operating in the market, VScan has become a pioneer company, providing exclusive data analysis and risk management services. This is the service that creates the brand name and position of VScan in the EGames service industry. With large data sources, advanced technology systems, operated by qualified technicians and many years of experience, VScan is committed to ensuring the quality and safety of customers’ systems, and delivering outstanding business performance when becoming our partner.


–  How VScan works

Everyday, VScan will check the customer’s account system, or act on demand to quickly detect fraudulent and software bet accounts. To fraudulent accounts for the purpose of profiting and sabotaging the system, specialists will analyze specifically, provide proofs and explanations to customers.


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